The good

I realized yesterday that I tend to only write when I’m unhappy, or there is something nagging at me. It’s a tactic I employ to get things “out there” and therefore out of my head, but the cumulative effect, and the lasting impression it leaves is one of sadness and frustration.

In fact, my life is (mostly) anything BUT sad and frustrated.

So this post is about the good. The amazing things in my life I am fortunate enough to enjoy, and the amazing things I am looking forward to enjoying in my future.

I am super fortunate to live in Canada, where we are largely insulated against many of the world’s woes. And as a woman, living in a country like Canada makes me feel super fortunate that my struggles are not those of women in many other countries.

But more small-scale, and I suppose, more selfish, are the other good things:

  • my husband, with whom I have an amazingly honest and supportive relationship, and without whom I would definitely be a different person.
  • my amazing mother-in-law (who can say that?) who is super supportive of everything her son and I are doing as we navigate this next baby-making journey, the troubles with his ex and his children, and countless other obstacles.
  • my job, which challenges me to be a better human, as well as a better communicator and leader, every day
  • my body, which is about to undergo some more amazing changes as it prepares to bring a baby into the world.
  • my personal emotional resilience–something I really didn’t know I had, but becomes apparent each and every time there’s a hurdle I need to jump. I’ve overcome so many things in the last few years that I never knew I could. It’s amazing what happens when you lean on your determination instead of your fear.
  • my “bump squad,” a term coined by Rosanne Austin and one I now use to describe the team behind my baby-making project: the doctors, naturopaths, counsellors, acupuncturists, pharmacists and all the people in my life who have been supportive of my dreams along the way.
  • and of course, my family, with whom I have a much better relationship now than ever, and who have gone their separate ways with all the dignity and respect they can muster. They remain, individually and together, my personal litmus test for my life (basically, if I know they’ll think whatever I’m about to do is crazy, I know I’m on the right track).

The list isn’t comprehensive, but it is indicative of some pretty great things.

Now, off to conquer the rest of this day!

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